Psychotherapy: The Art of Playing Yourself

Modern Brides & Modern Grooms19366368_1265888763479355_9175840739121953518_nPsychotherapy is an opportunity to heal, explore and expand your sense of self. Awareness of the self is a great power that, when harnessed, leads to greater freedom, options, and possibility in your life and relationships.

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Our everyday self is a narrow construct… Our total self is far broader, ultimately infinite.”
- Richard Hornby

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Praise for Modern Brides & Modern Grooms:

“This is the most timely book published this year. O’Connell’s book is a breeze to read, filled with wonderful examples of what he calls ‘queer marriage’ and illustrated with examples from his own marriage to another man, as well as from other marriages. It is a pleasure to read. I expect his next book will be about queer adoptions. And why not?” —Charles Silverstein, PhD, gold medal winner for lifetime achievement from American Psychological Association and coauthor of The Joy of Gay Sex