IMG_5566I offer Individual Psychotherapy (45 minutes) and Couples Psychotherapy (60 minutes). Sessions are usually one time per week, though we can arrange to meet more frequently.

I can meet both in person and/ or remotely, via video or phone.

Areas of specialization include:
Anxiety, Depression, Relationship ConflictsFamily Conflicts, Gender, SexualityCreative Challenges, Career, Loneliness, Low Self-Esteem, Pre-Wedding Counseling, Grief, and Trauma.

People enter therapy for a variety of reasons including ordinary worry, sadness, or curiosity about the self.

Using an eclectic mix of methods and styles, I always begin with you, the client, and your unique set of circumstances and goals, as the genesis of our work together. I believe that a supportive relationship is key. I create a safe and empathic environment in which to express feelings, identify obstacles (both in and out of one’s control), clarify goals, and ultimately use the therapeutic process as a dress rehearsal for a more liberated life.

For more information on my approach to psychotherapy take a look at this column I wrote for Psychology Today, or this one, or this article I wrote for, or this one, or listen to the following clips from radio interviews below.

Some therapy approaches I’ve studied and draw from include:

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy:
a therapeutic modality that helps you become aware of your unconscious processes and how they impact your behavior. There are a variety of psychodynamic models including Psychoanalysis and Object Relations.

Relational Psychoanalysis: a therapy model that focuses on the relationship between therapist and client, helping you to gain insight into relational patterns, and which provides an exploratory space to discover ways of relating that are authentic and fulfilling.

Family Systems Therapy: a form of treatment that focuses on you, the individual, as being an inseparable part of your family, and examines the family as an emotional unit. This theory suggests that we cannot be understood in isolation from our family systems.